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Please don't spam or you will be banned from the Email or Online


This is our discord server if you need support you just talk to someone work for it. Please do not talk to the administration that has nothing to do with what you need to solve or ask for. Click the button bellow to join our discord server.


This Email is just for Minecraft support for false ban or any other questions and so please don't spam or the administration will ban you from contacting our Email. Any mails for things other than Minecraft will be ignored.


This is our teamspeak server for the community. There we support Minecraft, Hosting, Everything. please join Custom room you need, Spamming admins to come help you will be ignored. Don't spam, They will come help without calling them.

Quick Support

You can chat online with our staff and they will get you everything you need. Please don't spam because they will answer you as soon as possible. To open click on the bar bottom-right.


Thank you for contacting PampersHost!

Mohanad H.
Mohammed A.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 (0) 000 000 0001
Fax: +1 (0) 000 000 0002


  • Abdullah A.
  • Fahad R.
  • Rashed A.